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Cyber Security Architecture

Building and presenting holistic views of cyber security to unfold business value.

Cyber Security for Agile & DevOps

Evolving cyber security from gatekeeping to business partnership for digital mastery.

Cloud Security

Enabling cloud technologies without losing visibility and control of business assets.

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Organising for value
Establishing flow
Embracing Digital

Information Technology (IT) solutions frequently fail to deliver desired value to the business, often due to inadequate integration to the rest of the IT service portfolio or overlooked processes for their life-cycle management. The “digital” era makes the challenge even bigger as organisations rush to deliver services rapidly and expand their IT to the Public Cloud. The outcome is often a pile of fragmented technology solutions and wasted resources. While many try to build and evolve traditional organisational functions to address the problem, such as, IT Governance, Enterprise Architecture or Service Management, the challenge to run the IT business in coherence is yet to be overcome. We harmonize industry guidance, frameworks, research and our practical experience with a holistic approach, by embracing system thinking, lean thinking and agile principles, and develop guidelines and models to build the modern practice of cyber security in the digital era. Our goal is to contribute and advance our profession, and our work is open to all for use without restriction.

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We are in Enterprise IT business since the early 2000s. These were the times when IT evolution accelerated with new technologies and the Internet boom. We met each other in a large program that transformed interaction of a government organisation with citizens. It is almost 20 years since then and we worked in many IT transformation programs with a common problem; management of IT is a prolonged problem despite plenty of reference available for guidance. Frameworks, standards, and best practice guidance are continuously developed and published for particular areas, such as, IT governance, enterprise architecture, cyber security and IT service management. They all have value but from a specific viewpoint. We harmonize them all with research and professional experience, and develop practical guidance that eliminate fragmentation of disciplines and focus on the business value stream. Our principles are built on system thinking (comprehensive, methodological), lean thinking (establish flow, eliminate waste, small batches, continuous feedback), and agile (fast, responsive, iterative, collaborative, autonomy, less formality). All content is free to use. Just note that these are the our personal view and opinions only, and do not represent the opinions of any entity whatsoever with which we worked for at any time.